Aluminum foil annealing, cutting, state related problem solving


What kinds of annealing are there for aluminum foil?

The annealing process of aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets and strips should be determined according to the requirement of pressure processing and the requirement of mechanical properties (i.e. alloy state) of products by users.

A blank annealing

Before cold rolling, hot-rolled slabs generally need to be annealed (also known as pre-annealing); Cast-rolled slabs do not need to be annealed.

B intermediate annealing

Intermediate annealing is the annealing process during cold working deformation.

C annealing

The last annealing of rolled strip to finished product thickness is called finished annealing.

The annealing process must be strictly controlled to ensure that the mechanical properties of the material meet the technical requirements. According to the different requirements of mechanical properties, annealing of finished products can be divided into complete recrystallization annealing and incomplete recrystallization annealing.


What are the anticorrosive measures for aluminum foil rolls?

A strengthen the management of air dryer to ensure that there is no water in compressed air.

B strengthens the management of rolling oil and controls the water content of rolling oil.

C aluminum foil rolls should be packed in a sealed package, and each volume should be placed in a suitable amount of desiccant.

The humidity of the wooden box and box plate of the D packing box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the wrapped aluminum coil is not more than 45 degrees ℃.

When E is transported from low temperature zone to high temperature and humidity area, do not open the sealed package immediately.


What is aluminum foil rolling? What is the purpose of aluminum foil cutting?

(1) foil rolling

Coiling (slitting and shearing) refers to the splitting of double-rolled aluminum foil into two or more single-roll foils, and the splitting of single-rolled aluminum foil into one or more rolls of aluminum foil.

(2) aluminum foil cutting purposes

A. rolls the slitting aluminum foil to the core that fits the user’s requirements.

B. is cut into the width and length (diameter) required by users. In addition to the width of finished product, the requirement of slitting for the width of incoming material of rolling mill should also consider the width of 5-10 mm for each edge and 2-6 mm for the middle strip.

C. Roll the smooth or dark surface of aluminium foil on the outer surface according to user’s requirement, weld the broken end firmly and tidily by ultrasonic or other means, and mark the end surface clearly. The aluminium foil with thickness over 0.04 mm is not allowed to have joints.

D. To inspect the quality of the incoming material of rolling mill, such as surface quality, thickness, shape, pinhole number, etc. The defect of the incoming material of rolling mill should be modified, degraded or scraped according to its influence on product quality.


What are the three states of aluminum foil billet?

The state of aluminum foil blank can be divided into soft state (O), semi-hard state (H14, H24) and full hard state (H18).

For soft or hard aluminum foil with general mechanical properties, such as double foil or single foil, soft or semi-hard blank can be selected.

For aluminium foil with special performance requirements, such as cable foil, wine label foil, air conditioning box, semi-hard or full-hard billet can be selected. When choosing semi-hard billet, the effects of intermediate heat treatment process, chemical composition and final heat treatment process on mechanical properties of finished aluminium foil should be fully considered. When choosing full-hard billet, The influence of chemical composition and final heat treatment process on the mechanical properties of finished aluminum foil should be fully considered.

The weight of aluminum foil billet mainly depends on the degree of mechanization and structural performance of the equipment. The heavier the billet volume, the higher productivity. Therefore, it is possible to use the larger volume billet as possible under the possible conditions.

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